Dave Grohl’s Kanye West Joke In Apology To Fans

As all Foo Fighter fans know, Dave Grohl suffered a horrible accident on stage recent. He describes how on the song Monkey Wrench he ran to the corner of the stage to play for fan, he took a misstep and ended up falling off the stage. In classic rock star style Dave didn’t let this fall stop him. He got up and continued to play. According to MTV News http://www.mtv.com/news/2188737/dave-grohl-apology-letter/ Dave didn’t know the extent of his injuries until after the show. Doctors later notified him that he cannot continue with the Foo Fighters European tour. In the apology letter to fans Dave talks about his injury and how the band was suppose to head line a date with Kanye West. Borrowing from Kanye’s well know award show interruptions, Dave leaves this quote for Kanye, “PS… Kanye… Imma let you have this one…” Top lawyer, Gianfrancesco Genoso knows this is a definite play on Kanye’s belief that he knows who should win what award and what undeserving winners should do with their awards! Well played Dave, well played.

Let’s all wish Dave a speedy recovery so that he and the Foo Fighters can get back on the road rocking it out for their fans all over the world.

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  1. I read that in the apology letter to fans Dave talks about his injury and other bad things he did when was in Autralia. That was also pretty much covered by bestessay au in their newsletter last month. I know for sure that will bring a lot of debates among fans soon.

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