David Osio Leads Davos REG in Launching the Davos CAP Calculator

In an official announcement to its clients, the Davos Real Estate Group unveiled the Davos CAP Calculator. Davos REG introduced this application with the aim of estimating the return real estate investments. The Davos Real Estate Group operates as one of the independent companies forming the Davos Financial Group. The official launch hosted David Osio and the Davos REG executive directors including Pablo Bausili and Gerard Gonzalez.


For about six months, Gerard Gonzalez has been closely working with Tecknolution on the developments as well as the design of the groundbreaking application. The Davos CAP Calculator was developed with the objective of helping one make an estimation of the gain accrued by a particular investment property upon considering the expenses of that property. Consequently, the Davos CAP Calculator will allow investors to gain foresight before buying property.


To reach out to all customers, Davos REG developed the app on the latest technology platforms. As such, it is available for Android and iOS gadgets. The executive directors revealed that the application marked the start of a series of complementary applications that would comprise the ability to spot properties via mobile devices. The applications would also help one top forward historical reports to a Davos agent through interactive means.


An In-depth Focus on David Osio


David Osio is an accomplished Venezuelan businessman who is acknowledged for the inception of the Davos Financial Group of Companies. He commenced his illustrious career in 1981 as the chief executive officer and president of OPED Enterprise. After sometime, Osio moved to LETCO Commercial Companies where he was responsible for structuring marketing programs for diverse industrial products in the US. In 1984, he joined MGO, a Caracas-based law firm. During his tenure, Osio dealt with various corporate clients like Consolidated Bank and Ferro Corporation as well.


Osio’s experience and knowledge in law and banking made him a suitable candidate for an executive position at Banco Latino International’s private banking division. At BLI, Osio rose to the Vice president position before deciding to venture into his own activities. This led to the birth of the Davos Financial Group of Companies in 1993. Currently, the Davos Group has become a force to reckon with in various areas such as social responsibility and finance. The success of the financial conglomerate is attributed to Osio’s ability to build each company as a financial boutique that offers customized services. These services are exclusive to the needs and expectations of each client.

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