Glenn Schlossberg Is A CEO Who Has Found An Interesting Way To Stay Productive

Glenn Schlossberg is the founder and chief executive officer of Jump Design Group. He started the company up during his twenties and has learned how to stay productive over the years. While many CEOs push themselves too hard, remaining in a state of exhaustion most of the time, Schlossberg has discovered the secret to staying fresh and ready for more work. His secret is to take extended breaks away from it all on occasion. Since he has been doing so, he has also found that he comes up with some of his best ideas while on vacation.

According to, Glenn Schlossberg used to stay busy all around the clock as he shared the same mentality as most other company leaders when he was younger. This philosophy revolves around the idea that working longer hours equals more productivity. During the 1980s, he lived this idea, but it wasn’t long before he realized it wasn’t doing him any good. He had attended a convention where someone mentioned that taking long breaks was the key to getting more done. He began to try this out and soon found that this person wasn’t wrong.

Glenn Schlossberg likes to travel to Asia and Europe multiple times every year and believes in studies that show that taking breaks can help improve a person’s thinking abilities and creativity. Before he goes on his trips, he usually feels like his brain is full up, but after being on vacation for a few days, his mind usually clears up. This is when a lot of his best ideas come to him.

Glenn Schlossberg finds the time to partake in interesting adventures during his vacations, and one of these is racing cars. He enjoys traveling to upstate New York where he races motocross, and he loves doing so because of the adrenaline rush he gets. Schlossberg also loves riding motorcycles and has been able to visit different parts of the world where he has been able to ride in more open areas than he is able to in New York. In the end, he truly loves making new memories during his travels and feels grateful to be able to do so year-after-year.  For more details about Glen you can visit

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