Hedge Fund Professionals Worth Trusting

Some people are so good at making investments and financial decisions that they are able to start up successful hedge funds. James Dondero is one of those people that have these skills. Jim is one of the people that are very passionate about financial management to the point that they find themselves in charge of more than millions of dollars of assets for various companies. Jim also keeps himself busy in other aspects of his career. He is also on the board of directors of different companies like MGM Studios. He serves as the chairman for NexBank CCS Medical Corporation and Cornerstone Healthcare.

He is one person that is very trustworthy. Other entities recognize him as someone who is good at making sound decisions when it comes to business. His hedge fund, Highland Capital Management is located in Dallas TX. While James himself has been appointed for different management positions in different companies, he has also appointed others to look over different departments of his hedge fund. James Dondero has hired Terry Jones to be in charge of Institutional Products as the President. Jim’s investment firm has almost $20 billion in assets being managed. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

Jim has around three decades of experience when it comes to the industry of financial services. He understands the importance of experience when it comes to running hedge funds. For this reason, he has hired Terry Jones so that he can put to use the 25 years of experience that he has in his field of financial services. James knows what is needed in order to bring about business development and good business practice.

James Dondero has plenty of ways that he could be reached. Among the platforms that he can be reached in is social media accounts like LinkedIn. He can be reached with his professional profile for anyone that is interested in learning from him. His experience and integrity is what makes him a hedge fund owner worth trusting. Because of Jim’s experience in making profitable financial decisions and lead professionals, he is a good judge of character and can tell what decisions would be good for his business.

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