Highland Capital Management’s Co-founder James Dondero

Highland Capital Management is an investment consulting company that continues to offer its services to many established organizations in New York. Over time, HCM has established itself as a market leader, and keeps improving its quality of services each day. It is the firm’s experienced management and ever-changing strategy that has kept the company on the top. The hiring procedures in Highland Capital are equally streamlined. They hire the best personnel and train them so as to improve their performance and efficiency.
Currently, the company manages an estimated $21 billion in consolidated assets. They are headquartered in Texas, but carry out most of their operations in New York, Seoul, Sao Paulo, and Singapore. In the industry, they are recognized as leaders with vibrant potential on issues credit management. Their operation strategy involves the use of separate accounts, and credit hedge funds. Also, the company has diversified its portfolio, so as to balance and maintain high performance. They have invested their services in different industries that serve governments, a fund to fund, and endowments.
The process of acquiring and building Highlands has been a hectic one for James Dondero. Together with Mark Okada, they took a step to invest in shares of PAMCO. They bought a Protective Life’s stake in the company which gave them an advantage, and a strategic step in investments. From their investment in PAMCO, they established Ranger Asset Management, and later renamed it to Highlandfunds Capital Management by James Dondero. Over time, Jim has established a legacy as a business leader. For over three decades, he has gained experience in credit management, which has been instrumental in establishing his company, and driving it to success. NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund named James as manager in 2012. He continues to offer his services to the firm with the best attitude. As president, James executes strategies of the company, manages private equity accounts, and foresees operational initiatives.
Employees in Highlands Capital are treated with a high degree of respect. The management leads by example and shows all the employees that they are valued. This keeps the workers motivated, and ready to take a step further to guarantee company success. The company operates with a high degree of transparency and integrity, which is a source of customer confidence in the industry. It is understood that they are among the most trusted capital managers in New York.
The HR department of any company is vital to the success of the company. In Highlands, the Human Resource Department has strategies for signing up the best managers. They take the best and customize according to company needs. Consequently, the managers get competitive remuneration, which keeps them motivated to work. Also, they are given other benefits that range from financial to non-financial benefits like free medical care. Proper employee management serves as the secret to good results in profit making organizations.
Under the leadership of James Dondero, Highlands Capital has extended a hand of philanthropy to the Dallas community. The company thrives in giving and bettering the life of the less fortunate in society. It is such acts that make people in society potential customers.

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