Justin Bieber Wanted By Interpol

In 2013, Justin Bieber assaulted a photographer outside of a restaurant in Argentina. Bieber was ordered to go to a court meeting over the situation, but Justin Bieber failed to appear at the hearing.

Judge Alberto Banos wants Justin Bieber to be detained wherever he is. The judge is serious, and he wants Justin Bieber to spend some time in prison for his crimes. However, I have a feeling that Bieber will just pay off any debts that he owes to the Argentinian government. Can you seriously imagine Justin Bieber being held prisoner inside of a gritty Argentinian prison? That will never happen, and I guarantee that Bieber will find a way out of this situation. Also, the star is in his early twenties, and he hasn’t even reached his full maturity level yet. However, the years are going by, and soon Justin Bieber will have to face reality if you ask Ricardo Tosto. But for now, Justin will continue with his ways, until something happens that money can’t fix. For more information of this story, visit Yahoo!

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  1. Justin Bieber is a standout amongst the most well known individuals on the planet, and he is worth more than 200 million dollars. The nation of Argentina has set Justin Bieber on the Interpol’s most needed rundown. It is so cool that australian-writings and I know for sure that all that everything could happen the way it is planned which might not be that easy.

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