Maarten De Jeu, the Incredible Business Advisor

Maarten De Jeu is an experienced and accomplished business advisor based in Chicago, Illinois. He studied public administration at Leiden University and business education from the University of Oxford where he excelled. This gave him a good foundation in his career as he is an expert in decision science, management accounting, macroeconomics, corporate finance, valuation, behavioral finance, and financial reporting. He serves a wide array of clients, more so due to his ability to speak different languages such as Dutch, English, French, and German. He has offered extensive business advisory services in various sectors such as commercial real estate, international business, and finance. Learn more:


He values ethics in his career as he established Speak-Up, a technology startup that provides consultancy services to public companies. His services became recognized in North America, Europe and Asia where he has advised executive of Fortune 100 companies, high-end technology innovations and wealth clients including Sara Lee, Heiz and ING.


In 1999, Maarten worked as an analyst for TVDK Management Consultants while he was still a student at Leiden University. He gained a lot of experience in research work and provide strategic analysis services and consultancy services to the clients. In 2007, he became an international consultant at Aviva PLC, London, where he was involved in the development of strategies for expansion of new markets. The results were incredible, and this saw him to a promotion as the company’s director responsible for the assessment of new business opportunities, creation of portfolio reviews for merging companies and increase life insurance sales in the United States. His interest in business advisory sector prompted him to seek membership of the Economic Club of Chicago, the Environmental Law and Policy Centre, Chicago Council and Global Affairs Among other community and business associations.


Maarten is the founder and co-manager of SVM advisory. Previously, he chaired the Science Spins Program at the Museum of Science and Industry. The program helped at least 40 teenagers about the historical background of the bicycle. His exceptional decision ability has assisted in organizing for Fellowship and Internship programs in the largest science museum. This creates an interactive session for the learners on issues such as leadership, scientific development, and public speaking. This program has been proved to be very successful as young children have made models of carnival tents from newspapers and model rockets on striker games.


He is a team leader who works closely with all the stakeholders in business; this has enabled him to run a team from various disciplines and cultures. This is a major attribute towards his success as it enables him to maneuver his way through diverse sections in the business. Besides his success in business, he is a committed family man and tennis player.

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