McDonald’s to Pay SXSW Performers

McDonald’s has decided to pay bands that play their showcase at the South By Southwest entertainment festival. The company’s change of heart may be due largely in part of a social media outcry.

Earlier this month, indie band Ex Cops made a claim on their Facebook page that the fast food giant had asked the group to perform as part of the company’s showcase. The band was ecstatic until they learned that McDonald’s did “not have a budget for artistry fees,” but guaranteed that the band would receive public exposure in addition to free food.

According to Twitter, McDonald’s denied the allegations, claiming that the company was “following the standard protocol, as all other sponsors had done.”

SXSW sponsor chief Scott McNearney said that sponsors have the opportunity to offer a cash payment or an exposure and credentials package. The credential package “allows artists to participate in the conference and to see other shows, but it is ultimately up to the artist to decide which incentive they would like to receive.”

Ex Cop members were ecstatic to learn that McDonald’s had a change of heart and would offer monetary payments to performing artists.

“We are THREILLED we were able to make a difference,” the group wrote on their Facebook page. “Artists should be paid for their work.”

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