Raffaele Riva and Ventures

Raffaele Riva knows that when one makes investments that they must go ahead and take on the right actions. This is not easy to do if they are not experts in the field. Even experts may find some financial investing to be difficult as well. That is why Raffaele Riva takes great care to conduct his affairs with precision and conviction. This is something that Raffaele Riva would prioritize as he works with a variety of individuals in the private markets and public markets as well.

In public market investing here are few things to keep in mind.

Compare the Interest Rates

This should go without saying, but let’s reiterate it for prudence.

Given that collateral based loans against stocks are offered by a variety of lenders, you should make sure that you are comparing the offered interest rates carefully.

This helps you make a decision to choose between reliable lenders while also ensuring that you are not paying more than you have to in terms of interest rates.

Only Choose Reliable Lenders

Speaking of reliability, make sure that you are checking that for your lender.

In unsecured loans, it is the lender who is at risk of losing their financing. In secured loans, those scales are quite unbalanced.

It is because in secured loans, the lender still gives you the cash you need. But they still have the safety net of your stocks to fall back upon in case you default on the loan. But you, on the other hand, are signing away your shares to the lender on the agreement that they only own them if you fall out of line with your repayment.

Given this level of trust that you have to show in the lender, ensure that you are choosing someone who is credible and would not try to use underhanded methods to snag your shares away from you.

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