Sergey Petrossov And The Importance Of Perseverance

As the founder and CEO of JetSmarter, Sergey Petrossov has been able to position himself at the forefront of an important movement. He believes that premium business travel should be more easily affordable for residents of the United States. He has also taken the time and effort to create a business setting where this goal is more easily achievable. 


By pinpointing inefficiencies in the private jet booking process, he aims to create a world where the average person is able to utilize these aircraft in the same manner as an Uber. Sergey Petrossov did not get to where he is by sheer luck, though. His story is a testament to the importance of perseverance

While some might view his success with JetSmarter as a once in a lifetime story, Sergey Petrossov is quick to offer advice to any millennial who is looking to follow in his footsteps. He knows that there is no shortage of people in his age bracket who are currently trying their best to climb the corporate ladder. That’s why he values the motivation that uncertainty can provide.

When he is asked for tips and pointers, he speaks about the necessity of bold moves. In order to achieve desired objectives, millennials need to remain as bold as possible and be willing to stick it out over the long haul. “Just go do it,” says Sergey Petrossov. When we are young, this is when our appetite for risks should be at its absolute highest. 

Once we reach a certain age and have more responsibilities, taking risks becomes much more difficult. We do not always have the ability to remain present when times are hard. 

Sergery Petrossov

Hard times are going to take place, but Sergey Petrossov is quick to remind those who seek his advice that they need to remain committed to the task at hand. The best entrepreneurs are share the same traits in this regard: they allow their belief in what they are doing to carry them through the rough patches. 


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