Sergey Petrossov Takes Private Travel to New Heights

Sergey Petrossov

Any invention, product, or service that has ever come into existence began from a single moment and idea. For Sergey Petrossov, the idea was to produce a more efficient way for people to catch flights on private jets. The entrepreneurial stud saw the constant waste of potential private aviation had presented. This mentality was the inspiration behind the founding of JetSmarter, a mobile app that would revolutionize private flight for the long run. Known to many as the “Uber” of private jets, JetSmarter has effectively made booking a private flight easier and more affordable. Sergey Petrossov has successfully given people a realistic alternative to commercial flying; an alternative that produces a more intimate and memorable experience.

JetSmarter offers over 120 flights a day worldwide, with access to more than 3,000 private aircraft in 172 different countries. With the exception of unsanctioned nations and areas considered as war-zones, members can go where ever they desire. Although it may sound like an expensive concept, membership is offered at a modest annual price of $15,000 and is reduced to $10,000 upon renewal. Before long, what began as an idea grew to be a 1.5 billion dollar company; accumulating a number of high-caliber investors like the Saudi royal family and hip hop icon JayZ.

Sergey Petrossov was born with an overwhelming sense of ambition and determination which would lead him to attend the University of Florida, where he entered the field of computer science and technology. It was during this time of his life that Petrossov was made aware of his passion for innovative start-up businesses. Prior to creating the billion-dollar aviation program, Sergey made his debut as an entrepreneur when he co-founded an educational start-up business that focused on providing cloud-based software to schools and universities across eastern Europe. At this point in his life, private aviation was merely more than a secondary interest for the European American. Although, it is fair to presume that the experience would pave the way for the success that would follow soon after.

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