Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is a American Business woman who was born in East Liverpool, Ohio with her two older brothers and her father, who was a football coach. She currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband; who is a wealth manager, and her two kids.
Susan McGalla on was raised as an equal among her brothers and her father did not cut her any slack just because she was a girl. “I was brought up by parents who encouraged me to work hard and present my good ideas with confidence regardless of the audience,” says McGalla. To her, her gender and for that matter, any one else’s gender were not an issue. Gender roles did not stop her from succeeding, nor did it help her advance in the working environment. “As a result, I have always been equally comfortable with men and women and excelled in working with both,” McGalla explains. That confidence in McGalla has helped her succeed and excel in all of her careers and opportunities that she took which has helped her thrive the most in any aspect of her life, whether it be work or general life.
McGalla received a Bachelor’s of the Arts Degree in Business and Marketing from Mount Union College before her career at Joseph Horne Company; an iconic, regional department store based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
At Joseph Horne Company, McGalla was in charge of various marketing and managerial positions throughout her career there, from 1986 through 1994 when they ceased operations. Later that year, she joined American Eagle Outfitters Inc. When she started there, her job was as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing. As the years went on, she soon became in charge of various managerial roles until becoming the president of the company in 2003 and the Chief Merchandise Officer in 2007.  She was at American Eagle outfitters until 2009.
McGalla then became a private consultant for retail and financial industries at HFF Inc. She was also appointed to the board of that company. HFF Inc is a large provider of commercial real estate and capital markets services to the U.S. commercial real estate industry.
Working for HFF Inc has help Susan McGalla find her own company called P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. McGalla is an expert consultant to clients on branding, marketing, talent management, operational efficiency and more. Many financial business men and women go to McGalla for any of their questions pertaining to the retail and clothing industry. McGalla has even taken a position as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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  1. While McGalla was at American Eagle Outfitters, she even administered the dispatch and arrival of the organization’s Aerie and 77kids brands. She helps cultivate and develop this famous brand. It is also very important note that essay on higher education is very important for her community as well as for the others too.

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