The Influence of Jose Auriemo in JHSF

Success did not come overnight for JHSF but has taken years commitment to offer clients high-quality services, innovativeness and the ability to realize opportunities that the company can exploit. This real estate company has been in existence for over four decades now and its operations have received recognition in Brazil and internationally. It has delved in various businesses and each has played a part to its recognition in the real estate sector. It carries out projects for commercial and residential development, business airports, luxury hotels, and shopping complexes developments.

JHSF pioneering spirit has made the company a trendsetter in the industry that is capable of developing solutions never thought of by the competitors. For example, it recognized the need for a business airport in Sao Paulo to adequately take care of the transport needs of renowned businessmen in the country, and this project was completed in 2016. Further, it built the Metro Tucuruvi shopping complex close to the subway and bus terminal for the benefit of people in the region of Sao Paulo.

International expansion is the dream of every business enterprise and JHSF is not left behind concerning taking their services abroad. So far, it has carried out projects in the cities of New York, Punta del Este and Miami, but this is just the beginning. It is hoping to achieve greater international presence in the near future.

Jose Auriemo, the chairman of JHSF is responsible for the milestones the company has been able to make in the last two decades. He has grown the company’s portfolio to a large extent since before it only engaged in developing shopping centers in Brazil. He saw the opportunity in the high-income market of the developed cities of Brazil, and that is how JHSF entered into the airports and hotels development business.

He first came into the company as a developer in 1993 and he has been championing the company’s operations since then. Over the years he has been in the company, he has initiated various profitable projects such as the building of the Cidade Jardim complex, which emerged as the most profitable development JHSF has ever carried out.

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